Water Lip Stain
Water Lip Stain

Kiss-proof your lips!

A barely-there feel and adaptable, long wearing colour

  • Lips Orange
  • Lips Rose
  • Lips Violet
  • Lips Rouge

Adaptable Colour

You’re the make-up artist!
Choose your colour intensity with our kiss-proof Water Lip Stain.

  • Lips Orange - 1
  • Lips Orange - 2
  • Lips Orange - 3
  • Lips Orange - 4
  • Lips Rose - 1
  • Lips Rose - 2
  • Lips Rose - 3
  • Lips Rose - 4
  • Lips Violet - 1
  • Lips Violet - 2
  • Lips Violet - 3
  • Lips Violet - 4
  • Lips Rouge - 1
  • Lips Rouge - 2
  • Lips Rouge - 3
  • Lips Rouge - 4

Fall for your favourite shade

Colour your lips and choose your finish!

Applying your Water Lip Stain is as easy as can be!

The brush is infused with just the right amount of colour and perfectly fits the shape of your lips for a comfortable application.

Clarins’ Beauty Tips

Wear your Water Lip Stain on its own or with other Clarins make-up products.

  • Just the Water Lip Stain
    For a transfer-proof, matte finish and a barely-there feel.
    Just the lip stain
  • Wear under Joli Rouge Lipstick
    To extend the wear of your lip colour once your lipstick fades away.
    Underneath your Joli Rouge Lipstick
  • Wear under Lip Comfort Oil
    For an ultra-glossy, intense colour pay-off.
    Underneath your Lip Comfort Oil

The Clarins Bonus

Impeccable cleansing.

Remove Water Lip Stain and makeup with our micellar waters, specially formulated to purify and tone skin for a perfect start to your night time skincare routine.

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