Your skin needs answered

Your skin needs answered

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Pore Control

In this selfie era, why rely on filters when Clarins has the answer to large pores, uneven skin texture and dull complexion.

  • Helps reduce the appearance of pores
  • Smooths the skin's texture
  • Brightens the complexion


Flawless skin, even close up.
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Pores under a microscope

Everything you need to know about pores.

  • What women are saying 

    What women are saying

    • 80%1
      of women report
      that this skincare
      product helps
      their pores
    • 87%2
      After 28 days,
      the size and
      appearance of pores
      have improved
    • 90%2
      say that skin
      is instantly

    1. Consumer test – 300 multiethnic women – 28 days
    2. Consumer test – 300 multiethnic women

  • Clarins botanical innovation 

    Clarins botanical innovation  

    To reduce the visibility of pores, Clarins Research selected Vine flower cell extract. This extract helps the collagen and elastin fibres around the pores synthesize, thereby strengthening the structure and reducing pore dilation.

  • Scientifically proven 

    Scientifically proven 

    1/ Expert analysis

    Analysis by an expert trained to see pores in photos.

    • On application:
      of women say pores
      are visibly reduced

    3. Clinical assessment on 41 women immediately after application

    2/ Skin imprint analysis:

    Skin imprint analysis performed around the nose area.

    Results after four weeks:
    • -13,7%2
      Visibility of
      the most
      pores (level 5)
      is reduced
    • -7,8%2
      is reduced
    • -7,1%2
      is reduced
    • -3,1%2
      Size of
      is reduced

    4.Clinical assessment on 38 women after four weeks

  • Why do pores sometimes become visible?

    Why do pores sometimes
    become visible?

    Pores can dilate up to 10 times their normal size due to factors like the environment (pollution, weather, UV rays), lifestyle (smoking, diet, stress), and physiological characteristics (gender, oily skin, age).

  • Which product to use for visible pores?

    Which product to use for visible pores?

    Pore Control

    Pore control is the new skin-perfecting treatment created by Clarins to treat and reduce the appearance of visible pores and enhance the skin’s glow. It is designed for women with oily skin but women from all age groups, skin types and ethnicities.

    Pore Control

  • Instant results

    Instant results

    Pore Control

    The perfecting texture beautifies the skin with an invisible coating that smooths and fills in pores. Dual-action powders that create an optical and mattifying effect to erase pores, blur their contours, and absorb excess sebum. “Light” pigments make the skin glow with the renewed silky smooth radiance of beauty.

    Pore Control

  • How do you use Pore Control? 

  • Why is the skin made up of pores?

    Why is the skin made up of pores?

    Your face has about 300,000 pores on the surface of the skin. Pores are openings for hair follicles. Each pore has a sebaceous gland. Pores enable the skin to eliminate sebum, which it needs for protection.

  • Scientific breakthrough

    Scientific breakthrough

    Clarins studied skin structure around pores and discovered that the firmer the structure, the less visible the pores.

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