what are your skin’s needs?

Lack of radiance, tightness, and discomfort are all signs of dehydration.
Discover our expert tips on how to deliver hydration to your skin when it needs it the most.

Hydration: what are your skin’s needs?

Face Hydration

Face hydration

Hydration & environment

Hydration & season change

Hydra-Essentiel: A variety of ultra-sensory textures to stay hydrated no matter the climate.

Hydration & age

Complete your anti-ageing routine by adding a few drops of a super moisturising serum.

Leaf of life

Bi-Phase Serum

The hydration bonus and the saviour of dehydrated skin


Body Hydration

Body Hydration


Exfoliate 1 to 2 times per week to smooth the skin’s texture and reveal its radiance with our body exfoliators:


Moisturise every day: it’s the secret to soft, smooth skin.


Moisturise all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes!

Men’s Hydration


3 expert, quick-absorbing treatments to intensely hydrate men’s skin: