Make-up and skin care has always been a passion of mine and seeing how it can transform someone's appearance and confidence is what makes this passion rewarding. Using both my passion and my training, I want my customers to feel like they can recreate their favourite beauty looks, at home, themselves."

My desert island picks

  • Lotus Face Treatment Oil
    My go-to product for the past 9 years. Lotus oil changed my life and my acne-ridden skin. Using 1 drop of this golden elixir will work to turn any oily skin types into clear, healthy, radiant looking skin. Rebalancing care at its best!
    DKK 380,00
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  • Perfect Eyes & Brows Palette
    This product transforms my eyebrows from being off point to on FLEEK. It's hair friendly, has a brilliant selection of colour tones, and all the tools you need to transform you brows, too! It's one of the first features people see so make them stand out!
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  • Double Serum
    A product that has all the right ingredients, benefits and results. This daily must-have instantly hydrates, giving you a radiant result and even looks fabulous mixed with your foundation—the perfect dewy finish.
    DKK 920,00
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