I came into the industry wanting to put my creativity to good use and the world of beauty is the perfect match for that. It's great knowing that I am helping people look and feel their absolute best, but the satisfying part is the confidence you can give back to people, and seeing them leave with more self-esteem."

My desert island picks

  • Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum
    This is my must-have, can-not-live-without product. I adore how it feels on my skin and the fact that it instantly absorbs and rids my skin of that thirsty feeling. There's is NEVER a day that I don't use this product. I LOVE IT!
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  • Multi-Active Night Cream
    I love the scent of this product, it instantly makes me feel calm and relaxed, and is a real treat for my skin. I love its light consistency and quick absorption. And, of course, it's doing a cracking job at keeping my age a mystery ;)
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  • Body Fit
    It keeps my wobbly bits in check, so what's not to love? A ritual product that's my lower body's best friend, I love the fresh, tingling feeling it leaves on my skin. It's my confidence boost in a bottle!
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