My Mum realised the importance of good skin care and imparted her passion for looking and feeling her best onto me. Now in my 61st year, I am reaping the benefits of a good lifelong skin care regime. So much so, customers compliment me on my appearance and look to me to help them achieve their skin care goals. You can do it, too!"

My desert island picks

  • Double Serum
    This is the one product that I would not want to be without. At my stage in life, I am looking for products that are intense and have impactful results, something Double Serum really delivers on. It gives my skin a youthful, radiant glow and plumps it up!
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  • Super Restorative Day Cream
    For women of a certain age this product has a particular attraction. It aids the return to a more youthful looking skin. This alone makes it an attractive proposition, but when coupled with the benefits of skin strengthening and rejuvenating, it becomes a must-have product.
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  • BB Detox Fluid
    I love the lightweight texture of this product. It gives my complexion the youthful look that I strive for. I find it an easy product to recommend as it has a wide appeal, particularly now, as we are all more aware of the effects of the environment on our skin.
    DKK 330,00
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