I fell into the beauty industry by accident, and I am so glad I stayed! I am always learning new skills and get opportunities to showcase my creativity. I am motivated by the desire to stand out from the crowd and help my clients do the same."

My desert island picks

  • Detox Booster
    As a low maintenance guy, the Detox Booster allows me to forget about looking after my skin from time-to-time, as it’s my remedy for blemished skin. Just 3-5 drops in my moisturiser or mask and I'm good to go!
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  • Mens Exfoliating face wash
    A two-in-one product and so quick and easy to use - job done! I get a lovely and fresh feeling after using this, too, and recommend this all the time. Just make sure to follow up with moisturiser!
    DKK 240,00
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  • Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Honey
    As I travel a lot of the time and work in department stores, my lips feels the nasty effects of central heating and air conditioning. The lip oil is amazing at comforting and restoring them, leaving a soft, supple result.
    DKK 170,00
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